MONIQUE PÉAN | Sustainable objects, jewelry & sculpture

Cosma CLP

Monique Péan’s newest body of work, COSMA 67.48,23.6.8, traces the ingress of one of the solar system’s oldest objects: the Muonionalusta protoplanet, from orbit to its impact site on the remote banks of the Muonio River in Northern Sweden and Finland. This series features six works referencing the cosmos, each unique and numbered within a limited edition of 10 and accompanied by a signed certificate.

Discovered by happenstance in 1906, meteorite remnants of Muonionalusta are notable among celestial objects for being one of the oldest extraterrestrial materials on Earth, impacting circa one million years ago, as well as being one of the earliest materials to form in the solar system 4.6 billion years ago, prior to the formation of the Earth.