MONIQUE PÉAN | Sustainable objects, jewelry & sculpture


A deep curiosity about the natural world drives the creativity of MONIQUE PÉAN. The SIGNATURE series celebrate discovery, using methods of master craftsmen to transform organic materials sourced from local artisans around the world into modern forms that are at once bold and graceful.

Alaska is the unlikely birthplace of SIGNATURE. Péan's trip to the remote island village of Shishmaref inspired the first SIGNATURE series, named BERING. Encounters with Alaskan Native subsistence hunters—and the environmental challenges they face—were also a profound introduction to fossilized walrus ivory: as glaciers melt, it floats to the surface and artisans subsequently gather the fossils.

“I’ve been able to see how the environment is being affected and change designs to create pieces that highlight and raise awareness of environmental issues,” says Péan.

To explore additional works from our SIGNATURE series, please contact our studio.