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Pyritized Dinosaur Bone

Pyritized dinosaur bone fossils are exclusively found on the banks of the Volga River and Caspian Sea.

These fossils are extremely rare as the factors incumbent to their genesis are so incredibly unique - the dinosaur’s bone structure was surrounded by the perfect conditions for over 145 million years in a marine environment rich in sulphides and specific aquatic micro-life. The crevices within the dinosaur’s bone filled with liquid during the dinosaur’s life, and then posthumously accrued iron and sulphur deposits over the course of 146 million to 156 million years. These unique conditions created a mirrored lucence on the surface of the fossil while capturing and preserving the original cell structure of the dinosaur bone. This micro-permineralization conserved very detailed and artful elements of the cell walls. For permineralization to occur, the dinosaur needed to be completely covered by sediment shortly after death; the degree of the detail of the cell structure is dependent on how quickly the dinosaur’s bone submerged.

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